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Express Cost

Shanghai to Europe
0.5 KG
0.5 KG
≥21 KG ≥71 KG ≥100 KG ≥300 KG ≥500 KG Comments
Germany, Italy 19.1 4.0 5.1 4.9 4.8 4.6 4.5

1. The quotation includes transfer feight fee and tax.

2. The price is valid to 10-15 days.

3. If you need to send the "products with battery" , please note the detail list.

19.1 4.0 5.1 4.9 4.8 4.7 4.5
19.1 4.0 5.1 5.1 4.9 4.8 4.6
Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary 19.1 4.0 5.1 4.8 4.6 4.5 4.3
Shanghai to the United States
(the First
of Zip Code)
≥21 KG ≥71 KG ≥101 KG ≥301
≥501 KG ≥1000 KG Comments
East of the United States
5.7 5.1 4.9 4.9 4.8 4.7

1. The goods should be arrived in 6-8 business days. (Filght delay and customs inspection are not included.)

2. Separate declearence and magnetic inspection are available.

3. Oversized goods and charged products are not acceptable.

4. If your order is over 21KG, the weight of each box cannot be under 10KG. If the weight of the box does not reach 10KG, we will charge you based on 10KG box.

Middle of the United States
5.6 4.9 4.8 4.7 4.6 4.5
West of the United States
5.4 4.8 4.6 4.5 4.5 4.4
Notice: 1. Customs clearance is 8 USD/ order. Bulit-in Battery and supporting battery are acceptable. The extra charge fee is needed- 0.2 USD/ KG. Besides, textile products need to be added extra fee - 0.2 USD/ KG. Cell phone, computer and high-value products are not acceptable.
2. Weight Fee: The billing weight takes the large value between the volume weight and the actual weight. The formula of volume weight: Length (CM) * Width (CM) * Height (CM) / 6000 = Volume Weight (KG). 20KG or less takes 0.5KG billing; 20KG or more take 1KG. For European-FBA/Europe private warehouse order, operation fee is free if the package is under 21KG. We will charge you 8 USD/ order for operation fee if the pachage is above 21KG (including 21KG).

Extra Fee

Product Categories
No. Category Extra Fee
1 Products with Battery No Extra Fee
2 Magnetic Products, Products with Motor (regardless of size) No Extra Fee
3 Bags, Shoes, Textiles, Leather Products, Projectors, Bamboo Products, All Pens, Toys (6 years old or older), Automotive Upholstery and Accessories, Solar Energy Products (Solar Energy Panels are not acceptable), Fingertip Gyro, Paper Products +0.3 USD
4 FDA Products are as follows (including but not limited to): Kitchenware, Household Knives, Plates, Cutlery, etc. Controlled Cutter is not acceptable (the blade exceeds 12CM, and the tip angle is less than 60 degrees). +0.3 USD
5 Safety Hammers, Trolleys, Steel Nails, Folding Metal Tables and Chairs, Canvases, Maps +0.5 USD
6 Thermometers, Sphygmomanometers, Massage Instruments, Eyebrow Pencils, Electronic Watches, Vacuum Packaging +0.5 USD
7 3D glasses, Swimming Goggles (other glasses are not acceptable), Camera (including accessories), Bluetooth Products (without Bluetooth label), Drone +0.5 USD
8 Kids Toys +0.3 USD
9 Product List over 5 Product Names 8 USD/ Name
ptable Products
(Including but not
limited to)

High-priced Items, Glasses, Batteries, Hair Curling Iron, Jewelry, Mobile Power Pack, Mechanical Watches, Aluminum Products, Cosmetics, Tablets, Electronic Cigarettes, Adult Products, Toner Cartridges, Ink Cartridges, Vacuum Packaging (Compressed Bag) Products, Children's Toys (under 6 years old), Granular Products, Lighters, Table Tennis, Insect Repellents (related products included), Wooden Box Packaging, Flight Cases, Skin Care Products, Electric Blankets, Wigs, Flammable Items, Solar Energy Panels, Drugs, Liquids, Powders, Foods, Fake Products, Tobacco, Corrosive, Inflammable or Explosive Products, Weapons, etc.

No. Category Extra Fee
1 Non-Amazon Warehouse Address Based on the address
2 Remote Fee 4.0 USD/ PC
3 Private Address Surcharge 4.3 USD/ PC
4 Address Changed Fee 15.9 USD/ PC

(1) Any product packed in metal or wooden containers.

(2) Any cylindrical object that is not completely wrapped in corrugated paper.

(3) Any package with a length of more than 122 cm on the longest side or a length of more than 75 cm on the second longest side.

(4) The actual weight of any package is equal to or exceeds 30KG.

12.7 USD/ PC

Oversized Package: 320CM < (the shortest side + secondary side) *2+ the longest side < 410CM. Each package cannot exceed 40KG.

95.5 USD/ PC

Overweighted and oversized package: If any parcel weight exceeds any of the following conditions, extra payment (175 USD/piece) will be required. This fee can be charged repeatedly. (1) The weight of single package exceeds 68KG. (2) The length of one side exceeds 265CM. (3) (The shortest side + the longest side) *2+ the longest side > 410CM

175.0 USD/ PC

This service is limited to 48 States in the United States. Mailbox and the military addresses are not acceptable. (The following Zip Code are not available: 006-009 - Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, 966-969 - Hawaii, Guam, 995-999 - Alaska)