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Gas/Break Pedal for Video Game
  • Helped German client to improve structure design of die casted pedal.
  • Managed many aspects of production: Mechanical- diecasting, machining, power coating
    Electrical- Assembly PCB and functional test
    Packaging and Logistics
Patient Handling Equipment
  • The client gave us incomplete drawings and a sample. We reverse engineered the remaining CAD drawings.
  • Made more that 60 tooling fixtures to ensure the precision of welding & assembly.
  • Used robot welding instead of manual welding
  • Helped client to minimize packaging space.
LED Light
  • Added Overcharge Protection module to existing PCB circuit
  • Injection Molded plastic shell for the light (custom shaped)
  • Changed packaging and put on the customer's company logo
  • Worked closely with the customer to pass CE, UL, IEC62133 certification process
  • Changed product material to make sure it meets European REACH directive

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