Why use a China sourcing firm?

You’ve probably heard that China sourcing can save your company money. This is certainly true, but it’s not the only benefit to China sourcing.

Why use a China sourcing firm?

There are many excellent factories in China;however, dealing with Chinese factories requires a lot of experience in terms of effective communications (in Chinese), product quality control process (material requirement, processing technologies, mid-production and end product quality testing), shipping and export management. Using a professional company like CSMFG will help you buy goods from China with much less hassle and even lower cost!

The reason why use a China sourcing firm:

1.Saving on Labor and Overhead

Sourcing companies have dedicated facilities, and have determined the most cost-effective ways to manufacture products. Because of this, they have the capacity to produce quickly and at a lower a cost.

Outsourcing your manufacturing needs to experts improves efficiency. Simply put, there’s no need for your company to reinvent the wheel–or to manufacture it.

2.Using Nearby Resources

Rental costs tend to be cheaper overseas as well. The taxes for manufacturing your product abroad will also be much lower.

Of course, you want to be careful not to outsource to manufacturers who mistreat their workers. This is why it’s important to go through a sourcing company, who will handle that logistical work for you. But we’ll talk about that later in the article.

3.Focusing on What’s Important

Raw materials aren’t the only resource that can be easier to find abroad. In some cases, other countries have more workers with the particular skills you might need to manufacture your product.

4.Focusing on What’s Important

This is one of the ways outsourcing actually helps improve the US economy and create American jobs. It’s important to note that these jobs also tend to be higher-paying than manufacturing jobs.

China Sourcing is a total solution provider of custom manufacturing and sourcing. Established in 2005, the company now has over 120 employees and is ISO 9001 certified. We are customer-centric, very process driven, and enthusiastic about low cost manufacturing.

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