What to import from China?What Is The Best Way To cutting plate?

What is cutting plate?

Cutting Plates are harder than comparable qualities; cutting plates stand out for their excellent finishing. Cutting rules leave less marks. Result: reduced formation of burrs and thus improved machine performance.

ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL & UNIVERSAL USE – MemOffice cutting mat is made of finest quality plastic materials. NON-TOXIC & ODORLESS. 5 layers in total. White interlayer is hard enough not to be cut off. Great for teachers, students, crafters, quilters and hobbyists.
CONSIDERATE DESIGN & VERSATILE FUNCTION – Bright yellow grid lines on green background applicable to even low lighting situation. Ideal for all arts & crafts projects, such as quilting, sewing, scrapbooking, glass cutting, leather cutting, model kit building + ENDLESS OTHER USES.

What the feature of cutting plate?

Protect your table top from sharp blades, writing instruments and other art and craft tools. These 3mm thick PVC mats feature a durable 5-layer construction, a non-slip, non-glare surface, 1/2″ grid with 1/8″ marks for precise alignment as well as 45° and 60° guides. Resilient self-healing surface won’t break down with repeated use and actually prolongs the life of knife blades. The green/black mats are reversible with grid markings on each side.

The usage of cutting plate in China sourcing product?

cutting plate

The industry of cutting plate in China sourcing product?

printing industry

The process of cutting plate in China sourcing product?


What Is The Best Way To cutting plate?

1.Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Oxy-fuel torch cutting, or flame cutting, is by far the oldest cutting process that can be used on mild steel. It is generally viewed as a simple process, and the equipment and consumables are relatively inexpensive.

2.Plasma Cutting

Plasma arc cutting is a great process for cutting mild steel plate, offering much higher speeds than oxy-fuel cutting, but sacrificing some edge quality.

3.Laser Cutting

The laser cutting process is suitable for cutting mild steel from gauge thickness up to about 1.25 inch. Beyond the 1 inch barrier, everything has to be just right to make it work reliably, including the material (laser grade steel), gas purity, nozzle condition, and beam quality.

4.Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting also does a very nice job of cutting mild steel, giving a smooth and extremely accurate cut. Waterjet cuttingaccuracy can exceed that of laser cutting, because the edge smoothness can be better, and there is no heat distortion.

The Pictures/Images of cutting plate:


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