What the Advantages of stainless steel seal ring?What is stainless steel seal ring?

From a wide range of metals to polymers, China Sourcing produces rings in 15 different materials designed and engineered to optimize performance no matter the application.

In addition to overall construction and lubrication requirements, operating conditions such as temperature, pressure, stress and speed are critical in determining the best-performing ring material.

What is stainless steel seal ring?

This is basically the same process that is used to mint coins. Sometimes the part of the machinery (the “forcer”) that forced the planchet into the die was used to impart markings to the back of the badge; these markings could be in relief (standing up from the surrounding material, produced during the stamping process), incuse relief (markings standing up from a surrounding lowered area, usually square or rectangular (Balfour used this on some of their wings) or incised (stamped into the wings).

What the feature of stainless steel seal ring?

We processed into kinds of metal sealing gaskets by high precision NC lathe, suitable for the sealing parts of pressure container, valve, cylinder head with high temperature, high pressure, and strong corrosion. General characteristic is installation area small and preload pressure high. The stainless steel ring is widely used in shipbuilding, petroleum machine building and chemical machinery.

The Advantages of stainless steel seal ring:

  1. Easy for fixing and dismounting;

  2. Excellent sealing effect;


p data-spm-anchor-id=”a2700.details.pronpeci14.i0.eca283bNNAFbj”>3. Good extrusion resistance

The benefits of stainless steel seal ring:


p data-spm-anchor-id=”a2700.details.pronpeci14.i0.eca283bNNAFbj”>- High quality and robust materials like A2-stainless steel and EPDM-rubber
– Gas- and watertight up to 2 bar pressure
– Cost efficient standard sizes for your stock
– Quick and easy installation
– Sound insulation
– Protection against rodents

The usage of stainless steel seal ring in China sourcing product?

for lighting

The industry of stainless steel seal ring in China sourcing product?

ighting industry

The process of stainless steel seal ring in China sourcing product?

deep drawing



The Pictures/Images of stainless steel seal ring:


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