What is HP Precision shaft?The Product features of it?

What is HP Precision shaft?

PIC Design manufactures many types of precision shaft. These include inch shafting, metric shafting. Our precision shafting is an essential component of many mechanical assemblies that incorporate our other product lines, and is compatible with nearly all PIC components. we manufacture and sell most of the parts that you’ll need, ensuring compatibility and accuracy for any application.

The Product description of HP Precision shaft?

WJB Bearings manufactures bearings and components including ball and roller bearings, bronze bushings, and sprockets and chains. The company, founded in 1992, is headquartered in City of Industry, CA.

The Product features of HP Precision shaft?

  • Linear bearing shaft
  • Round linear shafting
  • Carbon steel for strength and durability

The usage of HP Precision shaft?

With this wide range of uses, our products are well suited for the meteorology, optics, oil and gas, and research industries, to name a few.

The industry of HP Precision shaft?

Printing industry

The  process of HP Precision shaft?


HP Precision shaft Product Offerings:

The features of HP Precision shaft?

  • The most complete range of sizes available anywhere
  • Double tapped full NPT female threads
  • Rugged design has solid hexes for secure wrench grip
  • Can be used as reducing bushings for continuous piping

The pictures of HP Precision shaft:


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