What is Filter perforated plate?What the feature of Filter perforated plate?

Perforated metal is one of the most versatile and popular metal products on the market today.  Perforated sheet can be either heavy or light in gauge, and it can have either small or large aesthetically appealing openings.

Filter perforated plate is a versatile metal product that has many applications across several industries. Learn what you can accomplish with perforated metal & Marco Specialty Steel.

What is Filter perforated plate?

Filter perforated plate is extremely versatile and lightweight and comes in round, square, slotted and decorative perforations. Some architectural metal applications include sunscreens, ceiling panels, exterior cladding or any application requiring an aesthetically appealing look.

What the feature of Filter perforated plate?

We processed into kinds of metal sealing gaskets by high precision NC lathe, suitable for the sealing parts of pressure container, valve, cylinder head with high temperature, high pressure, and strong corrosion. General characteristic is installation area small and preload pressure high. The stainless steel ring is widely used in shipbuilding, petroleum machine building and chemical machinery.

How to Ordering Filter perforated plate?

When ordering perforated sheet, please specify the following options:
1. Material type
2. Thickness (gauge)
3. Hole size
4. Hole shape
5. Spacing & configuration
6. Perforated sheet size
7. Quantity

The Applications of Filter perforated plate:

Decorative, Sieving, Filtering, Decoration,Medical. Noise control. Store fixtures & displays. Security ceilings

The usage of Filter perforated plate in China sourcing product?

These parts are used to assemble a housing of an activated carbon filter

The industry of Filter perforated plate in China sourcing product?

industrial filtration

The process of Filter perforated plate in China sourcing product?

Punching—Galvanizing—Powder coating

The Pictures/Images of Punching—Galvanizing—Powder coating:


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