Tips of looking for honest agent in China

What is Sourcing service?

Sourcing service ha s enabled the organizations to perform safe and smooth business operations that too by giving the extra edge of saving time and money.Well a good and honest sourcing agent is hard to find. A search engine is an algorithm not a human being. It cannot calculate trust worthiness.

How to look for an honest agent in China?

There have more and more ways to find a sourcing agent in China, so some of my human tips are

Tips 1 of looking for agent in China

Word of mouth – If any of our friends have done business with a sourcing agent and they recommend, then that is the best one can get.

Tips 2 of looking for agent in China

Multiple quote – always ask 2 or 3 sourcing agents and then you will have a great compare.

Tips 3 of looking for agent in China

Speak to their sales partners in other countries to get a feel for what it is like to work with this factory. but is now filled with agents posing as manufacturers.

Tips 4 of looking for agent in China

Honesty – They are Sourcing agents or manufacturer.

Tips 5 of looking for agent in China

Brand -If you own that brand as a trademark and the end buyers value the brand, then should the factory try to cut you out of the mix at a later point.they can’t do it using the original brand.

Tips 6 of looking for agent in China

Upfront payment – never pay 100% upfront. But when working with a new sourcing agent, they may ask for 50 % upfront payment. Trust goes both ways.

Tips 7 of looking for agent in China

Consultants/ sourcing agents – Consultants have a list of manufacturers who they work with. Not always the best when it come s to getting the best prices or even quality.

Tips 8 of looking for agent in China

Experience – Look for experienced sourcing agents.Once you do find a reliable agent/consultant and have steady partnership L/C’s wont be a problem.


To summarize, I highly suggest you first focus on picking your specific product. Second, start looking for suppliers you feel are honest and with a good reputation. Third, even if they appear honest, you still need to get a good contract in place. Finally, always be diligent and keep a close eye on what is happening.

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