The Applications/ Standards/process of Large Pulley-China Sourcing Product

The Details of Large Pulley:



These V-belt pulleys have a single groove that accepts a compatible single V-belt to provide maximum friction and torque in a compatible V-belt drive system. When matching a belt to a pulley, make sure the style (or series) and width of the belt are compatible with the pulley.

Made from corrosion-resistant zinc alloy, these pulleys are a good choice for general purpose applications in environments with corrosive materials. They are stronger than plastic pulleys.

The industry of Large Pulley wheel in China sourcing product?

pulley of fitness bicycle

The Standards of Large Pulley?

According to customer’s drawing, sample and special request

The Applications of Large Pulley:

Road Bicycle&Moutain Bicycle

The Price of Large Pulley:

We have our own factory. So the price is more competitive,
More products you ordered, cheaper the price will be.

The usage of Large Pulley in China sourcing product?

These parts are used to The bicycle accessories

The industry of Large Pulley in China sourcing product?

pulley of fitness bicycle

The process of Large Pulley:

Die casting

The Specifications of Large Pulley:

Superior Quality
Fast delivery
Competitive price
humanized after-sales service
Low density, rustless, good antiwear


The Pictures/Images of Large Pulley:

The Large Pulley suppliers:

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