Injection Plastic Remote Control Case Enclosure-China Product Sourcing Websites

Product name:

Injection Plastic Remote Control Case Enclosure Tv Remote Controller Case Remote High Quality Silicone Case For Tv Remote

Remote Control Case-Product description:

  • A quality product within your reach!
  • This Remote Case perfect companion for an easy and enjoying life.
  • This case sports a simple and classy design, so you don’t need to worry about any damages.
  • Simply insert your remote in the open pocket and secure it in place.
  • All features of the device are accessible even with the case on.

Remote Control Case-Product feature:

  • Made of durable impact-resistant silicone. Excellent grip thanks to the rubber-like silicone material and honey comb pattern.
  • Kids friendly and light weight, provides the maximum protection, anti-slip, anti-dust, shock proof and washable.
  • Full access to all ports, buttons and functions, custom cutting on the case allows all functions of the remote are open for use.
  • Available in a variety of bright and fun colors.

Remote Control Case-Product picture:


Product Company info:

China Sourcing is a diversified company with multiple manufacturing sites around Shanghai, China.

The company was founded in year 2003 in Shanghai, China. We started as a engineering & sourcing company for custom manufacturing of metal and plastic products. After working with hundreds of factories in China, we acquired ownership of a series of selected, high quality factories in different but complementary fields. This allows us to offer highly competetive price to our customers, maintain consistent quality and achieve synergy in capacities.

We focus on supplying parts or components to customers, and provide OEM product solutions. Our engineers are familiar with western engineering stardards and can communicate in English fluently. We also have an efficient logistics departemt, and provide convenient shipping internationally.


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