How to find Plastic Holder Manufacturers from China?


The Details of Plastic Holder:

No Drilling Holes And Screws: Very easy to install and lock smart speaker with a secure clip and cover the power adapter with a seamless case perfectly
No Long and Mess Wires: Connect the device and power adapter with our short cable hidden in this wall mount. Your device doesn’t stand in the way of the counter top space any more
No Voice and Sound Loss: No microphones and speakers are blocked
Convenience: Move your device to more convenient locations as a wall mount or stand holder and give your outlet a lot cleaner and tidier appearance. It doesn’t block the plug of any outlets

Directly Manufactory,best price and sevice

The usage of Plastic Holder in China sourcing product?

These parts are used to Support the stereo

The industry of Plastic Holder in China sourcing product?

music instrument accessories

The Function of Plastic Holder?



The process of Plastic Holder in China sourcing product?

Injection molding

The Pictures/Images of Plastic Holder:


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