Factory High Quality Beryllium Copper Parts CNC Machine

The Details of beryllium copper parts:

Material:Brass,Aluminum,Bronze,Copper,Precious Metals,Stainless Steel,not metal

Machining Equipment:Machining Center,CNC Lathes,Grinding Machines,Milling Machines,Lathes,Wire-cuts,Laser Cuts,CNC Shearing Machines

Surface finish:Anodizing/ Black Oxide/Electroplating/Heat Treating/Brushing/ Grinding/Polishing/Painting/Powder Coating/Nickel plating/Engraving.

The  Price of beryllium copper parts:

We have our own factory. So the price is more competitive,
More products you ordered, cheaper the price will be.

The usage of beryllium copper parts in China sourcing product?

These parts are used to button of connector

The industry of beryllium copper parts in China sourcing product?


The process of beryllium copper parts:


The Pictures/Images of beryllium copper parts:

The beryllium copper parts suppliers:

China Sourcing is Specialized in Custom Manufacturing & Engineering.

Contact us:http://china-sourcing.com

Why choose us? 

1.  High skilled and well-trained working team under good management environment.

2.  Quick response and support for any inquiries.

3.  Over 15 years professional manufacture experience to ensure high quality of your products.

4.  Large and strong production capacity to meet your demand.

5.  High Quality standard and hygienic environment.

6.  We have very strict quality control process:


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