April 11-14, 2018 | AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong–China sourcing Fair 2018

About the China Sourcing Fair:

Name:Consumer Electronics

Date:April 11-14, 2018

Booths:3,800 booths

Exhibit profile: consumer electronics, gaming, components and smart living products

Consumer electronics or home electronics are electronic (analog or digital) equipments intended for everyday use, typically in private homes. Consumer electronics include devices used for entertainment communications (telephones, cell phones, e-mail-capable laptops, etc.), and home-office activities.

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The shows are also heavily attended by a wide range of small and medium-sized importer, wholesaler and retailer businesses – including a fast growing segment of Amazon and other online sellers.

Since the shows are dedicated to strategic sourcing, the majority of attendees have purchasing authority — and executive management job titles like Owner, Partner, President, Director and General Manager.

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Approximately 15% of buyers place orders at the show while an additional 30% place orders within a month of attending.

There is also a growing amount of sourcing where the buyer is purchasing the Asian suppliers design and/or brand.



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