What is Valve definition?What is a valve body?


What is Valve definition?

valve is a device that regulates, directs or controls the flow of a fluid (gases, liquids, fluidized solids, or slurries) by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passageways

What is a valve body?

The valve‘s body is the outer casing of most or all of the valvethat contains the internal parts or trim. The bonnet is the part of the encasing through which the stem (see below) passes and that forms a guide and seal for the stem.

The types/classification of valves

1.Ball Valve

Ball valve is a quarter turn operated valve. The closure member is a spherical plug with a through hole. When the valve is in open state, the through hole is in-line with the fluid flow and hence, the fluid passes through it.

2.Gate Valve

Gate valve is a sliding type of valve. In gate valves, the closing member is a metal gate.

3.Plug Valve

Similar to ball valves, plug valves are also quarter turn type of valves. This valve consists of a plug which can be either cylindrical or conical in shape.

4.Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves are most simple yet versatile valves. They are quarter turn operated valves which are commonly used in multiple industries for varied applications.

5.Globe Valve

Globe valve is a linear motion type of valves and is typically used in both on-off and throttling applications.

6.Pinch Valve

Pinch valves consist of a plastic tube/sleeve which is made up of reinforced elastomers. The sealing/ closing action is achieved by throttling or pinching this sleeve/tube.

7.Disc Check Valves

Disc check valves, also called as non-return valves allow the flow to pass through them in only one direction and stop the flow in reverse direction.

The Components of Valve:


The valve’s body is the outer casing of most or all of the valve that contains the internal parts or trim.


A bonnet acts as a cover on the valve body.


Ports are passages that allow fluid to pass through the valve.

4.Handle or actuator

A handle is used to manually control a valve from outside the valve body.


A disc or valve member is a movable obstruction inside the stationary body that adjustably restricts flow through the valve.


The seat is the interior surface of the body which contacts the disc to form a leak-tight seal.


The stem transmits motion from the handle or controlling device to the disc. The stem typically passes through the bonnet when present. In some cases, the stem and the disc can be combined in one piece, or the stem and the handle are combined in one piece.

What the feature of Valve parts?

We processed into kinds of metal sealing gaskets by high precision NC lathe, suitable for the sealing parts of pressure container, valve, cylinder head with high temperature, high pressure, and strong corrosion. General characteristic is installation area small and preload pressure high. The stainless steel ring is widely used in shipbuilding, petroleum machine building and chemical machinery.

The usage of Valve parts?

The ICV plate is a part of a valve installed inside the wall

The industry of Valve parts?

industrial filtration

The process of Valve parts?

Punching—Galvanizing—Powder coating

The Pictures/Images of Valve parts:


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