What is Die casting wings?What the feature of Die casting wings?

What is Die casting wings?

This is basically the same process that is used to mint coins. Sometimes the part of the machinery (the “forcer”) that forced the planchet into the die was used to impart markings to the back of the badge; these markings could be in relief (standing up from the surrounding material, produced during the stamping process), incuse relief (markings standing up from a surrounding lowered area, usually square or rectangular (Balfour used this on some of their wings) or incised (stamped into the wings).


What the feature of Die casting wings?

This mold is great for arts,crafts,jewelry making etc.
The mold is made of high quality material,which can stand heat resistance and 40 ℃ to + 230
It is easy to remove and clean.It is a great gift for your friend who likes DIY

The usage of Die casting wings in China sourcing product?

Motorcycle accessories

The industry of Die casting wings in China sourcing product?

Motorcycle industry

The process of Die casting wings in China sourcing product?

Die casting

The Tips to protect your Die casting wings in China sourcing product?

1 Avoid in a damp place. Please place your jewelry in a cool and dry place.
2 Avoid the collision with hard objects, sharp scratches, and other metal friction.
3 Avoid contact with water. Please take off your jewelry before washing hands, bathing, or application of cosmetics such as perfume, hair spray, soaps or lotions.
These cases could damage the jewelry, shorten the service life, cause discoloration and reduce the crystal shine.

What kind of Die casting do China sourcing have?

Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Jewelry Set,Cufflinks, Brooches, etc.

The pictures of Die casting wings:


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What is Wheel hub?How Much Does a Wheel Hub Cost?

What is Wheel hub?

A Wheel hub assembly’ (WHA), also referred to as hub assembly, wheel hub unit, wheel hub bearing, etc., is an automotive part used in most cars, passenger vehicles and light and heavy trucks.

It is located between the brake drums or discs and the drive axle. On the axle side, it is mounted to the holding bracket from the chassis; on the disc side, the wheel is mounted to the bolts of the WHA.

What is the function of a wheel hub?

Wheel hub is responsible for the main support of the wheel and tire. It has greased bearings. The entire wheel hub assembly is responsible for the smooth and quite rotating of tire and wheel.

Wheel hub carries the whole weight of vehicle and the ability of a vehicle to effectively carry loads depends on quality of its wheel hubs.

What is the difference between the upright and the wheel hub?

The hub is inside the wheel, while the upright helps hold the wheel in place.

What are rear wheel hubs?

A rear wheel hub, is installed at the end of the axle. The hub contains the wheel bearing and seals and flange to bolt on the actual wheel.

The usage of Wheel hub?

Floor drain

The industry of Wheel hub?

Home decoration

The  process of Wheel hub?

silica sol casting + machining.

How Much Does a Wheel Hub Cost?

Car repair and tune ups are always needed at some point in your car’s life. With time and usage components become worn out and inefficient. The wheels are obviously one of the most heavily used parts, so maintaining a solid connection between the wheels and the car chassis is very important for a smooth ride. Wheel hub costs will vary depending on who you buy from and the brand your choose.

How to Save Money on a Wheel Hub?

You might be used to the convenience of buying replacements parts directly from the mechanic. But with the right know-how, you can save a lot of money on car parts by purchasing from online stores. Then after you buy the wheel hubs from us, take them back to your mechanic for install, and only pay them for labor. You can save hundreds, sometimes even thousands by doing this.

The pictures of Wheel hub:


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What is HP Precision shaft?The Product features of it?

What is HP Precision shaft?

PIC Design manufactures many types of precision shaft. These include inch shafting, metric shafting. Our precision shafting is an essential component of many mechanical assemblies that incorporate our other product lines, and is compatible with nearly all PIC components. we manufacture and sell most of the parts that you’ll need, ensuring compatibility and accuracy for any application.

The Product description of HP Precision shaft?

WJB Bearings manufactures bearings and components including ball and roller bearings, bronze bushings, and sprockets and chains. The company, founded in 1992, is headquartered in City of Industry, CA.

The Product features of HP Precision shaft?

  • Linear bearing shaft
  • Round linear shafting
  • Carbon steel for strength and durability

The usage of HP Precision shaft?

With this wide range of uses, our products are well suited for the meteorology, optics, oil and gas, and research industries, to name a few.

The industry of HP Precision shaft?

Printing industry

The  process of HP Precision shaft?


HP Precision shaft Product Offerings:

The features of HP Precision shaft?

  • The most complete range of sizes available anywhere
  • Double tapped full NPT female threads
  • Rugged design has solid hexes for secure wrench grip
  • Can be used as reducing bushings for continuous piping

The pictures of HP Precision shaft:


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